How To Quickly Scale A 7-Figure Modern Accounting Firm That Cuts Your Workload In Half

(I’ll Show You The Exact System I Used To Scale And Sell My Online Accounting Firm In Just 5 Years)

Hey, I’m Ryan Lazanis, CPA. And in my step-by-step program, Future Firm Accelerate®, I help busy modern accounting firm owners like you:

  • Scale your firm up to 20x in 5 months by systematizing and automating your business model and processes
  • Drastically reduce your workload, improve your work-life balance, and make time for what’s important outside of work
  • Become an influential, successful business owner instead of a “glorified file preparer”
  • Transform your firm into a valuable asset that you can sell for a premium when you’re ready
  • Get the guidance you need in 10 minutes or less per week, so you can get “unstuck” and hit your goals faster than ever before

… This Stuff Actually Works, Too.
Check Out The Progress Members Are Making:

$248,000 of new business in 48 hours

2x’d Client Value On Day 1 ($24k to $48k)

Landed First Client In Less Than 1 Week

Closed New Client Deals Worth $2k – $3k in Monthly Recurring Revenue

Scaled From 2 to 7 People In Less Than 1 Year

20x’d Firm Revenue In 5 Months

So Why Am I Sharing These Results With You?

First, let’s be honest — I’m sharing them because I want you to join the program. 🙂

But second — and more importantly — I’m sharing them because I want you to know these types of results are possible for your firm.

So if you’re feeling:

  • Burnt out and wondering how you’ll make it through another busy season
  • Like you’re the bottleneck in your firm — slowing everything down and feeling completely overwhelmed at the same time
  • Stuck in your business — unsure of what to do next or how to take the next step
  • Like you’re not living up to your full potential — that you’re capable of more, but you want someone to help you get there
  • Like you can’t balance your firm with your family life… and right now, you’re not sure how you’ll ever be able to do it
  • Unfulfilled — like your work isn’t as satisfying as you’d hoped it would be when your first started your firm
  • Like you accidentally built another job for yourself… and not a sustainable business

… I want you to know that, with the Future Firm Framework®, it’s possible to:

  • Eliminate burnout by streamlining your business model into something systematic and repeatable
  • Spend more time actually living your life and less time working
  • Optimize your firm’s processes and automate the time-consuming and stressful parts of your business
  • Increase your firm’s revenue while decreasing your workload at the same time
  • Work with better clients who pay more and are easier to work with
  • Get clarity on where you want to go, so you can build a clear path to get there
  • Become part of an active community of modern firm owners who are on the same journey as you
  • Get timely feedback and support on your biggest challenges from someone who has actually scaled and sold a firm (*cough cough* that’s me)
  • Improve your pricing process so more clients say “yes” at higher prices
  • Bring in clients (almost) automatically with effective modern marketing practices
  • Spend less time on the “day-to-day” work of your firm
  • Build a sellable asset that can be sold for a premium one day, if you want

The reason I know it’s possible is because I’ve helped hundreds of firm owners do it already, and I’ve done it myself too.

Used A New Marketing Plan To Boost Monthly Recurring Revenue By 46%

Beat 4 Other Firms — With Fees 2x Higher Than The Nearest Competitor

Increased Prices And Got A Signed Engagement Within The Hour

Charging 2x Her Normal Price

One Module Alone Is Worth The Price Of The Entire Program

How (And Why) I Built And Sold A Modern Accounting Firm In Just 5 Years

Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA

Back in 2013, I had what I thought was a great idea:

Make accounting easy and automated. Not just for clients, but for accountants and CPAs like me too.

So when I launched one of the earliest fully-online accounting firms in North America, I had visions of financial freedom, improved lifestyle and spending time working on the things I loved.

It Didn’t Take Long Before All Those
Dreams Flew Out The Window.

Despite all my good intentions, I was still the one handling ALL client files. I was making LESS money. I was working LONGER hours.

And I was more stressed out than ever before…

The problem was, my training was in accounting, not in business.

I had never built a business before. Much less an online, scalable business. I knew nothing about pricing, sales, online marketing, process automation, and people management.

And because the model I was looking to build was so new, no resources existed to help me through my challenges.

I Was Totally On My Own.

I made a ton of mistakes, had many sleepless nights and spent a lot of time and money trying to find solutions to my problems.

But after hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars in time, research and training, I discovered a model that would keep my firm running like clockwork – without me handling any client work.

Before long I had implemented the best technology to automate my processes.

I had so many inbound leads that I was able to be picky who I accepted as clients.

I was attracting high quality talent.

Having drinks with my awesome team

Our clients were happy.

Best of all…

I wasn’t working a million hours a week.

The model was so much more scalable than a typical accounting firm that…

Firms Of All Sizes From All Over The World Started Making Offers To Buy My Firm.

I wish I could tell you the decision to sell my firm was easy… but it wasn’t. I agonized over it for months.

Eventually, I decided to write down specifically what I wanted out of life. My goals. How much money I needed to be happy. The specific kind of work I wanted to be doing. All that stuff.

After that, everything became clear.

I thought I started my firm because I wanted to make accounting easy and automated for small businesses.

But when I really thought about it, my purpose was actually about trying to help advance the accounting profession.

I remember when I started my firm there were NO resources out there for people who wanted to create cutting edge, modern accounting firms. So I had to figure everything out on my own.

It was frustrating.

And when I thought about that, I realized I was there to help other accountants design, implement, and grow a modern firm that doesn’t fit the traditional mold and that gives accountants an amazing lifestyle.

That’s When I Knew I Wanted To Start Future Firm®.

So when the right offer came along to sell my accounting firm, I snagged it.

I even flew all the way to the Isle of Man to close the deal!

Me landing in the Isle of Man airport to sign the big deal!

Now, legally I can’t reveal the details of the deal. But I can tell you that I have ZERO second thoughts about selling.

And let me be clear — I’m not telling you this to brag. I’m telling you this to illustrate a simple fact:

The reason I was able to sell my firm so quickly was because I had created a scalable, systemized model that could operate without me.

(The same model that the Future Firm Framework® is based off of.)

My firm wasn’t just a business… it was an income-generating asset.

That’s why I was able to sell it.

But most firm owners don’t end up in that position, because they fall into something I call the “The Professional Services Growth Trap“.

I’ll explain:

The #1 Reason Many Firm Owners Feel Burnt Out & Overwhelmed

Odds are, you started your firm because you wanted it to support your dream lifestyle.

Like me, you had visions of financial freedom, improved lifestyle and spending time working on the things you loved — instead of being trapped in the office or behind a computer all the time.

But also like me — those visions quickly flew out the window when business picked up.

Before you knew it, you were “burning the candle at both ends,” working yourself to the bone and wondering how you ended up there.

You got caught in “The Professional Services Growth Trap”.

That’s because growing a professional services business — like an accounting firm — can be really hard without the right model in place.

Lots of tight deadlines, clients who want custom-tailored work done quickly, intense competition for talent, amongst many other factors.

So as you add more clients to the mix and as your revenues increase — so do your stress levels and hours you spend working just to keep up with everything.

The good news is that there’s a way to escape.

I’ll show you.

Growth vs. Scale:

The Difference Between Burning Out And Cashing Out

While they might look similar on the surface — Growth and Scale are two very different things.

Growth is when your firm gains more clients, more revenue, and more work.

On the surface, this is great. Numbers are increasing and the business is “successful.”

But behind the “successful” facade is a firm owner who is working more hours than ever, feeling constantly burnt out, and serving as the bottleneck of their own firm.

Scale, on the other hand, is when you increase your firm’s revenue — and even increase the number of clients you work with — without increasing your workload.

That means that instead of requiring you to burn the candle at both ends just to stay afloat…

Your firm can actually support your ideal lifestyle.

That way, you can have more free time to spend how you choose — relaxing with family, actually enjoying your days instead of rushing through them, and taking the time to pursue new hobbies and interests.

So how do you scale a professional services business like an accounting firm?

Through systematization and standardization of your entire business model.

These two things make your firm run in a smoother and more predictable manner — largely on autopilot.

As an example:

Software companies are said to have the most scalable business models on the planet.

That’s because once the product is in place, selling to 10 customers or 1,000 customers only incrementally increases the amount of labor and operational expenses required.

That’s because these companies have standardized the sales, marketing and operational processes in a way to run on autopilot.

But when it comes to a professional services business — like an accounting firm — there’s usually a major difference between serving 10 clients and serving 1,000 clients.

While you may never be able to make an accounting firm as scalable as a software business, the good news is…

You can implement systems that make your work more streamlined, more repeatable, and less stressful — allowing you to emulate some of the most scalable businesses on the planet, and…

  • Increase revenue
  • Work with more (and better) clients
  • Keep healthy margins
  • And actually decrease your workload at the same time

How The “Future Firm Framework®” Helps You Scale Your Firm Quickly

The Future Firm Framework® is the 6-part system to quickly and simply scale your firm.

It’s based on the lessons I learned when scaling and selling my firm in just 5 years, as well as what I’ve learned coaching hundreds of other successful firm owners to scale their businesses.

Here it is:

And here’s why it works:

A well-defined customer base helps you understand who your ideal client is and how you can best serve them.

It’s the basis for a business that can become formulaic since you need to be able to produce repeatable results for the same group of people, over and over again — making your work easier and faster to complete.

A profitable subscription-based productized service offering ensures that your firm has healthy, well-priced recurring revenues and a repeatable way to market, sell, and deliver the services you provide.

Standardization of all processes in your firm is important because it gives you “one way of doing everything” in your firm. This lets your business operate smoothly and predictably, like a machine.

Most firms fail here because they’re everything to everyone. By dialing-in on who you specifically serve and by implementing a repeatable, productized service offering, this step becomes far easier.

An aligned team is one of the most crucial parts of scaling. You need people to execute the processes you’ve put in place and they all need to be on the same page so that you can extract yourself from the day-to-day in order to scale.

To do this, you’ll need to attract and retain high quality talent, but also ensure that they share the values and attitudes required to help your firm achieve its vision.

Marketing that generates inbound leads helps you bring in your ideal clients on autopilot, quickly and easily, with the right tricks and tactics so that you don’t have to “hunt for your next meal” each and every day.

Technology to automate your processes helps you streamline the processes you’ve put into place allowing you to remove yourself from the day-to-day work of your firm, so you can spend more time actually living your life.

Why Most Firms Fail When They Try To Scale

Most firms fail when they try to scale for 3 reasons:

1) They don’t know what’s required to scale.

Many firm owners simply don’t know what’s required to scale.

They like the idea of increasing revenue and reducing workload, but they don’t know how to actually do it.

They see the destination, but not the path to get there.

2) They don’t know how to implement scalable systems and processes in their firms.

Some firm owners know that, if they want to scale their business, they need standardized systems and processes.

But they don’t know the specific systems and processes they need, nor do they know how to actually implement those systems and processes.

3) They try to figure it out all on their own.

Many firm owners try to figure out how to build a scalable firm on their own.

They burn hundreds of hours on unnecessary activities that don’t actually get them closer to their goal.

While some succeed, most don’t — and they end up burnt out and frustrated by all the time they waste without making much progress.

The Future Firm Framework® helps you avoid these costly and inefficient problems.

If you want to scale your firm as quickly as possible and start landing higher-paying clients and reducing your workload as soon as this week

Future Firm Accelerate® can help you do it.

Grow A Modern, Scalable Accounting Firm So You Can Work Less And Enjoy Life More, Using The Proven “Future Firm Framework®” I Used To Scale And Sell My Accounting Firm In Just 5 Years

I created Future Firm Accelerate® to help you:

  • Shortcut the process of scaling your firm, so you can “piggyback” off all the lessons I learned (in as little as 10 minutes per week)
  • Bypass the painful (and sometimes costly) mistakes I made — which could help save your sanity… and your bank account
  • Save thousands of hours in the process of scaling your firm, so you can see results faster — with less painful trial-and-error
  • Use the same “modern firm blueprint” I used to scale and sell my firm in just 5 years

What I’m doing with Future Firm Accelerate® is taking all of the components in the Future Firm Framework® and giving you the inside scoop on each of them by providing:

  • Self-paced online training to help you quickly implement each component of the Future Firm Framework®
  • Guidance to get clear on what you really want in your business — and a step-by-step plan to actually turn your vision into reality
  • Custom-tailored coaching from me when you need help
  • A supportive community of super-smart like-minded firm owners who share what works (and what doesn’t)

Future Firm Accelerate® provides you with a complete package to create a scalable firm that you love from one of the only people in the industry that has actually done it himself.

That’s why I created it — to share the exact 6-part “Future Firm Framework®” and system I used to scale and sell my modern, online accounting firm in just 5 years.

Instead of piecing together strategies from all over the place when it comes to marketing, pricing, technology & process improvement, you can have one proven framework for modeling an accounting firm that scales.

How Does Future Firm Accelerate® Work?


Here’s What You’ll Find Inside:

There are 3 main components to the Future Firm Accelerate® membership:

  1. The Future Firm® Playbook, which lays out the exact, step-by-step process you can follow to build and grow a modern, scalable accounting firm that frees up your time and that helps you create a valuable asset that you can sell one day. You’ll also get access to the Future Firm Accelerate® Monthly Marketing Packs, which give you the content and templates you need to grow your online presence, audience, and sales in less than 30 minutes per week.
  2. The Future Firm Accelerate Community Forum, where you can chat with other like-minded firm owners and can get answers and feedback on your specific situation fast. That means less time feeling “stuck” and more time actually solving problems.
  3. Ongoing Coaching From Me in the Future Firm Accelerate® Community Forum — where I spend time answering member questions every single day — and during monthly “Ask Me Anything” Calls, where you can ask me about any situation you’re struggling with and get my candid advice for how you could move forward. Even if you can’t make the calls live, you can still submit your question and I’ll answer it on the call, so you can review it later and get clarity. All calls are recorded, transcribed, and timestamped, so you can quickly get the answers you need.

How The Future Firm® Playbook Gives You The Blueprint To A Scalable Firm 

The Future Firm® Playbook is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Design

Before anything else, we’ll establish the essential building blocks and fundamentals needed to create an automated, online firm that scales.

In this phase, you’ll put together your Future Firm® Roadmap to help you get clear on exactly what you want your business (and your life) to look like. And with that clear, you’ll then create a custom step-by-step plan to help you reach goals.

You’ll discover:

  • How to avoid the “Professional Services Growth Trap” — I’ll show you how to create a plan for where you want to go and how to get there, so you can avoid getting trapped along the way
  • The truth about your ideal clients: Who they really are, where they’re hiding, and what you can do to get THEM to come to YOU
  • Stop selling your time: Find out precisely how to transform your commoditized services into repeatable, easy-to-buy “products” clients will want. Psst … you don’t have to tell them this, but they also lead to higher margins for you. 
  • The 15 essential applications every firm needs to set themselves up for automation
  • The secret to banish shiny object syndrome forever and launch a single, focused plan of attack consistent with your goals
  • Why clients are loving the subscription model and exactly how smart accounting firms are making it work
  • Everything you’ll need to set up the right foundation to scale your firm

Phase 2: Acquire

With your core building blocks in place, in Phase 2 we’ll cover how to sell your services, acquire clients through digital marketing, and price your services to increase revenues and optimize profits.

In this phase you’ll discover:

  • Online marketing tactics you can use to attract literally thousands of leads, including the blogging strategy that drives 20,000+ visitors to my website each month
  • Make more sales at higher margins with this comprehensive value pricing guide. Apply these guidelines to take the guesswork out of pricing your mandates and end up with quality predictable revenues, month-in and month-out.
  • A 3-Tier (Gold-Silver-Bronze) Productized Service Pricing Template you can use to increase profit margins and streamline your work delivery
  • A proven sales process that turns leads into subscription clients — and even the exact sales script I use to close my highest-ticket clients
  • Protect your firm from scope creep: Use the service terms library included in this Phase to define the services in your engagement letter and set your boundaries
  • A behind the scenes look at my email marketing strategy that grew from nothing and now generates 750k+ per year (including email marketing templates you can use in your own firm)
  • How to choose the right marketing technology to get more clients (and knowing for sure which tech you DON’T need)
  • And all the marketing strategies you’ll ever need to build a modern firm that supports the lifestyle you want

Phase 3: Scale

(Some modules to be released over the course of 2023)

With clients coming through the door, it’s time to optimize your business into a well-oiled machine that runs systematically.

In this phase, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly how to set up your firm’s core standard operating procedures to keep ALL your systems running smoothly — whether you’re in the office, at home, or on a well-earned vacation
  • Remove yourself from the bottleneck of your firm by getting a step-by-step progression of how to structure your firm at each critical revenue milestone
  • Hot technology to automate your employee recruitment, job posting templates for attracting top talent online, and the exact interview questions you should ask if you want to find high performers
  • The secrets to keeping clients happy in the digital age
  • No more timesheets! The smarter way to plan your firm’s capacity that will eliminate overwork for you and your employees.
  • How to implement a systematic employee onboarding process to make managing & retaining employees easier in the era of remote work
  • How to enforce your values and manage your firm’s culture so that you and your team can align and feel good about what you do
  • The ultimate way to leverage your time: How you can serve more paying clients with less of your time using a model at the cusp of trending in accounting
  • Bonus productivity hacks to make the most of your business without adding more hours to our workload

Here’s A Sampling Of My Favorite Things You’ll Find In The Playbook:

  • The 3-part formula from a former Google employee that forms the basis of your entire marketing efforts (Effective marketing is impossible without this) (Phase 1, Lesson 2f)
  • Why you don’t need to be a natural-born closer to have success in sales (I’ll give you every step of my recommended sales process to help you land high-value clients) (Phase 2, Lesson 2a)
  • The real reason your clients buy (if you can’t help clients do this, you’ll never make the sale) (Phase 2, Lesson 2a)
  • The subtle difference between high-value firms and low-value firms — this why some firms get paid high rates to work with high-quality clients and others get stuck charging low rates to low-quality clients) (Phase 2, Lesson 2b)
  • The 5-step high-value sales process you can use to charge the highest rates possible. I’ll show you how to package, price, and even present your services (Phase 2, Lesson 2c)
  • The 8-step discovery call formula that helps you maximize your prices and land top-notch clients at the same time (I even walk you through hypothetical discovery call scenarios, so you know exactly how to handle these calls confidently) (Phase 2, Lesson 3b)
  • Why so many accountants struggle with pricing — to overcome this, you’ll have to go against your natural instincts (Phase 2, Lesson 4a)
  • How to develop frameworks and processes to help you get closer to the maximum price that a customer is willing to pay for every kind of mandate you have in your firm (Phase 2, Lesson 4a)
  • The 4 requirements for charging high prices, and the biggest obstacle standing in your way when it comes to charging high prices (Phase 2, Lesson 4a)
  • 4 different pricing methods you can use in your firm, PLUS which one gives you the highest profit margins (Phase 2, Lesson 4b)
  • The 2 things you should never do when showing your prices to clients (Phase 2, Lesson 4b)
  • Want to free up your capacity during busy season AND increase your pricing at the same time? Use this special pricing strategy (Phase 2, Lesson 4e)
  • The tactical “Options Call” that makes clients more likely to work with you (PLUS, How to use an “escape plan” to get a prospect to say “yes”) (Phase 2, Lesson 5c)
  • Critical clauses to include in your engagement letter to improve your chances of getting a deal signed and ensuring your firm and mandate are protected from scope creep (Phase 2, Lesson 6b)
  • The special type of details your engagement letters should contain to help push the deal forward (yours probably don’t have this right now) (Phase 2, Lesson 6b)
  • 6 steps to handle scope creep (PLUS an example scope creep email you can model and send to clients) (Phase 2, Lesson 7c)
  • How to (easily) increase the prices you charge to your clients annually (including my step-by-step process to do it) (Phase 2, Lesson 8b)
  • How to get a steady stream of thousands of visitors to your site every single month (for free) (Phase 2, Lesson 10b)
  • Convert 40x better than Facebook or Twitter — use this non-invasive marketing strategy to nurture your online audience until they’re ready to become a client or customer (Phase 2, Lesson 11a)
  • The 6-word marketing truism you need to know if you want to earn as much as possible from digital marketing (Phase 2, Lesson 11c)
  • 7 tactics to grow your email marketing list (including my step-by-step process for creating an effective lead-magnet) (Phase 2, Lesson 11c)
  • The 10-step process I follow to write the Future Firm® Weekly Newsletter, so you can steal it and use it to build your own successful newsletter (Phase 2, Lesson 11d)
  • How often should you send email promotions to your clients and prospects? I’ll share the ideal ratio and format of marketing emails you should be sending (Phase 2, Lesson 11e)
  • The 12-Step Partnership Marketing Framework you can use to get in front of large audiences to gain new subscribers and generate new business quickly (Phase 2, Lesson 12b)
  • How to use a cheap & easy “Q&A” call marketing strategy to grow your client base (Phase 2, Lesson 12c)
  • My step-by-step process for putting together webinars that convert attendees into clients (You’ll get my full outline and my best tips for overcoming pre-presentation jitters) (Phase 2, Lesson 12f)
  • … and that’s just in Phases 1 and 2! Phase 3 also has many interesting modules, with more to come in 2023 🙂

Make Digital Marketing Easier Than Ever With The Pre-Built Monthly Marketing Packs

Digital marketing is one of the most powerful tools to scale a modern firm, but most firm owners aren’t marketing experts.

That’s why Future Firm Accelerate® members get access to our Pre-Built Monthly Marketing Packs — specifically designed to help you grow your online presence, audience, and sales in less than 30 minutes per week.

Instead of spending hundreds of hours learning all the complicated best practices of digital marketing…

You can simply “swipe” the expert-created content in the Marketing Packs and use it in your business.

Each Monthly Marketing Pack is broken down into 3 main categories:

1) Email Marketing Templates

Every month we’ll provide you with 3 email marketing templates that you can simply swipe (or modify) and email out to your clients and prospects with the goal of helping you grow your online presence, your audience and your sales.

2) Curated Newsletter

Within the “Curated Newsletter” folder of each Monthly Marketing Pack, you’ll find various other folders relating to content specific to your region along with a global folder that every Future Firm Accelerate® member can use.

The content provided in these folders allows you to craft your own curated newsletters extremely quickly in a plug-and-play fashion. And it’s updated monthly, so your newsletters will always be timely. 🙂

(This is the same newsletter formula that I use to drive my sales and gain 6,000+ subscribers to my own newsletter. It works.)

3) Bonus

Each month we’ll include some bonus marketing content that you can use to market your firm online, complete with instructions on how to use it.

This will include lead magnets to grow your email list, templates to update your social media profiles, and much more.

Here’s What’s Great About The Future Firm® Community:

One of the most powerful (and convenient) features of Future Firm Accelerate® is the community, which is filled with some of the most forward-thinking modern firm owners on the planet.

When you join the program, you’ll be able to post questions to the forum and get feedback from other members who have experienced the same challenges before — and solved them.

That way, you won’t spend hours, days, or weeks trying to “reinvent the wheel.”

Instead, you’ll be able to get timely feedback from someone who has been in your shoes before.

That means you can spend less time feeling “stuck” on certain problems and more time actually solving them, so you can keep your firm moving forward.

Not only that, you’ll also get MY feedback on your specific situation, because I spend time every single day answering questions in the community.

The forum also contains a dedicated “Progress Log” section, where you can post your goals and track your progress toward building a scalable firm.

I review these progress logs regularly and add any thoughts or advice that I think would be helpful. Members love the accountability that comes with this section.

With 500+ current members, the forum is active and helpful — without being overwhelming.

That means your question won’t get lost in a sea of other questions, so you can actually get timely feedback on whatever problem you’re experiencing in your business and solve it as quickly as possible.

Members ask things like:

  • What’s the best practice management app?
  • I need help hiring a virtual assistant
  • What variable compensation strategies do you suggest?
  • Help me define my firm’s niche
  • And a whole lot more

Why You Should Join The Monthly “Ask Me Anything” Calls:

Want to get coached LIVE on whatever challenge you’re facing?

Join our monthly “Ask Me Anything” Calls, where you’ll be able to submit your question or challenge beforehand and hear me coach you live on video.

In addition to answering submitted questions, I also invite 1-2 members to join in on a 10-minute “Member Spotlight” session where I coach them live on their biggest challenge.

And if you can’t make the call, you can still submit a question, and I’ll answer it on the call. That way, you can watch the recording later and get my thoughts. (Remember calls are recorded, transcribed, and timestamped, so you can find what you need quickly.)

Just see what some of our awesome members have to say about this calls 🙂

The Most Powerful Time-Saving Feature In Future Firm Accelerate®

Every lesson in the program is designed to help you save time, but the most powerful time-saving feature is the Future Firm Accelerate® Community.

No matter what you’re struggling with — you can post a question in the community and get same-day feedback from other firm owners and myself.

Think about that:

It only takes 1 minute to post a question.

Then, you can sit back and let other members do the heavy lifting for you to solve your problem and shortcut your decision-making.

The same is true for the monthly “Ask Me Anything” calls.

It only takes 1 minute to ask your question (maybe even less than that), and you can sit back and get expert help from me.

So instead of getting “stuck” or frustrated for days, weeks or months — you can solve a problem the same day it comes up.

The truth is — if you can make 10 minutes per week for this membership, you can drastically shortcut the process of building a scalable firm. 

Here’s What CPAs Are Saying About Future Firm Accelerate®

Before Future Firm Accelerate, I felt like I was shooting in the dark and hoping I would land clients. I knew I wanted better for my life and my business, but I was stuck. I didn’t know how to move forward.

Since joining the program, I’ve put together my Future Firm Roadmap and now, I have a detailed plan that guides my daily activities for scaling my firm. It’s given me a new sense of confidence.

I also appreciate being part of a community of firm owners who face the same issues I am facing and can be a sounding board when I have questions.

Chandra Ferguson, CPA, CA
BTB Accountants and Consultants

We have always thought of ourselves as a forward-thinking accounting firm, but Ryan has helped us crank it up a notch.

With the help of Future Firm, we’ve improved our business processes, fleshed-out our positions on key issues, and notably, helped us increase our average deal size by over 30% thanks to a remodelling of our sales, pricing, and packaging process.

I wish we had Ryan on our side sooner.

Jean Gabriel Crevier, CPA, CGA
Co-Founder, Le Chiffre [Xero Platinum Partner]

Ryan’s helped us develop our strategic Roadmap and has forced us to really think about where we want to take our business.

Our firm has become so much more scalable and we’re so excited to see what the next few years brings.

Matt Peterson, CPA, CA
Owner, True North Accounting

Ryan’s coaching has been critical to helping me sort through the marketing, pricing and technology noise as I made significant changes to my firm.

Using the value pricing principles Ryan taught me, I recently landed a client with fees 4x my usual rate.

Rojean Hatton, CPA, CA
Owner, Paper Mountain Accounting

I knew the improvements our firm needed to implement but I was lacking a sounding board and didn’t have a plan to get there. Ryan helped provide focus and accountability so we could structure the firm to scale faster. Without Ryan, we’d still be in the wild, wild west – growing, but in chaos.

On top of that, we’ve won four projects worth over $100,000 in recurring annual revenue. We may have won the work, but without the Future Firm framework the fees wouldn’t even have come close to that amount.

Rob Pasquesi, CPA
Founder, Pasquesi Partners LLC

Ryan challenged me on developing my business and technology strategy and brought new ideas to make my firm stronger and better for the future. After years of playing with different ideas, I finally got the direction I was looking for.

Michael Sadovnick, CPA, CA, CPA(AZ), TEP, FEA
Partner, Sadovnick Morgan LLP

Ryan has been an incredible coach. I was, initially, a little wary to hire him. After all, I have a commerce degree, CPA designation, have taken several MBA courses and I read regularly. What could Ryan offer that I couldn’t figure out myself? A lot. He helped solidify critical aspects of my firm’s business model and kept me focused. I’d recommend Future Firm to anyone that’s seeking clarity and looking to maintain a competitive edge through the latest technology.

Shawn Gander, CPA, CMA
Owner, Simplify Accounting

When you choose a coach, you want to ensure you get a professional who has “played the game and won”. Ryan is one of the few advisors who has done exactly that.

Ryan ensures I focus on building my business and holds me accountable for the tasks I MUST do to reach my goals. Follow his program and you will reap the rewards.

Gerry Anderson, M.Sc., CPA, CMA
Owner, Blue Canyon

We had all kinds of ideas to scale our firm, but we had no real plan of attack. After creating our firm’s Roadmap with Ryan, we finally had a clear vision and support from someone who had already done what we wanted to do. We were able to achieve our objectives, some of which we’ve been chasing for years, in a matter of months.

And after looking over the numbers, I can confirm we’ve just had our most profitable year ever.

Dominic Clément, CPA, CA, M. Sc.
Partner - Clément Del Vecchio CPA

Future Firm Accelerate® Is Right For You If…

  1. You’re the sole owner or a partner in a max 3-partner firm making at least 25k/year (or forecasted to make that in its first year)
  2. You are entrepreneurial and don’t consider yourself a “typical accountant”
  3. You want to create a modern, cutting edge firm (ie. no traditional firm mindsets allowed)
  4. You want to create a better life for you, your family, and your clients
  5. You have goals & aspirations over & above just money
  6. You would rather not spend all your time churning out files
  7. You are willing to put in the work to get your desired results
  8. You have at least 10 minutes per week to dedicate to improving your business

Future Firm Accelerate® Is NOT For You If…

  1. You’re not very entrepreneurial and would rather just crunch numbers. While Future Firm Accelerate® lays out a complete roadmap for you to scale your firm quickly, you’ll need to have some interest in wanting to spend your time working on the business, rather than in the business.
  2. You want to create a traditional firm — not a modern one. I created Future Firm Accelerate® to help modern firm owners create businesses that support their dream lifestyle. While most of the frameworks and processes in the program would work for traditional firms — that’s not who they’re designed for and that’s not who’s in the community.
  3. Your only goal is to earn more money. While the systems you’ll get access to in Future Firm Accelerate® will help you earn more — that’s not the only thing the program is about. It’s about creating your dream lifestyle. I’m not interested in students who only care about earning more money.
  4. You’re okay with the “status quo.” If you enjoy churning out files and working 60-hour weeks, this program isn’t right for you.

How To Join Future Firm Accelerate®

If you’re wondering about pricing, you’re in the right place. Here’s how it works:

My private clients used to invest $5,000 per month for one-on-one coaching with me when I still provided that service.

But since so many busy firm owners have been requesting my help, I’ve systematized the coaching process to be able to assist far more people.

The good news is that you’ll only pay a tiny fraction of my one-on-one coaching price to gain access to the Future Firm Accelerate® membership.


When you join now, you lock in your price to avoid future price increases AND you’ll get immediate access to any new resources and features as they’re added to the program.

There are two ways to join Future Firm Accelerate®. Choose the level that fits your budget and your unique needs:

Plus Essential
Private Coaching Thread With Me, So You Can Get Private Guidance For Any Challenge In Your Business
Future Firm® Roadmap, So You Can Clarify Your End Goal, Reverse Engineer A Plan To Get There, And Stay Focused Until You Achieve It
Future Firm® Playbook — The Complete Training Guide To Scaling Your Firm Quickly, Including The Frameworks And Systems You’ll Need To Do It
Pre-Built Monthly Marketing Packs To Grow Your Online Presence, Audience, And Sales In Less Than 30 Minutes Per Week
24×7 Access To The Future Firm Accelerate® Community Forum, So You Can Get Feedback From Other Members On Whatever Challenge You’re Going Through
Coaching In The Future Firm Accelerate® Community Forum, So You Can Get My Advice On Your Unique Situation
Monthly Live “Ask Me Anything” Calls Where You Can Get My Live Feedback On Any Question You Have
Future Firm® Mobile App, So You Can Conveniently Go Through The Program Anywhere
Locked-In Pricing, So Your Monthly Price Will NEVER Increase After You Join
Cancel Anytime Directly From Your Membership Dashboard, So You’re Never Locked Into Anything
Current Pricing (USD) 2500 /month
1750 /month
200 /month
Apply Now Join Here

When you sign up now, you’ll lock in the current price, which does increase periodically.

And you’ll never have to worry about a contract or lock yourself into any plan. If you decide another plan suits you better, you can always switch between plans as long as there’s availability.

Zero-Risk 30 Day Guarantee

Based on my own experience and the results I’ve been helping others with to date, I’m so confident that Future Firm Accelerate® can help positively transform your firm that I’m putting it on the line here…

In the first 30 days on the Essential plan, if you don’t love the program, email me and I’ll give you a 100% refund.

If you don’t feel 100% confident within your first 30 days that the program can help you build a more profitable, scalable accounting firm…

… one that uses systems and processes to run like a well-oiled machine…

… one that lets you work a normal work week without breaking your back on file work…

… and one that could be such a valuable asset that you could even “cash-out” to an interested seller when you’re ready…

… let me know, and I’ll cheerfully give you every penny of your investment back.

No questions. No hassle. Zero risk for you.

Join Now And Lock In Today’s Low Rate


(Private Coaching Included)




(Group Coaching Only)



Now It’s Up To You

You can keep doing what you’ve been doing and…

  • Keep trying to piece all elements of a scalable firm together yourself.
  • Read countless books and articles and test the various theories that’s out there.
  • Slog through endless technology and automation webinars and demos that don’t get you anywhere.
  • Try out gimmicky online marketing tactics that seem too good to be true … all while juggling your usual client work.

Or you could join Future Firm Accelerate® and …

  • Follow a step-by-step framework to start scaling your firm.
  • Tap into years of experience from someone who’s actually “been there, done that.”
  • Instantly access guidance on pricing, marketing, sales, automation, and attracting top talent.
  • No guesswork. No trial and error. No more getting stuck.

It’s your decision…

All I know is that when I started and ran my firm, a resource like Future Firm Accelerate® didn’t exist
at the time. I sure wish it did 🙂

See you on the inside!

Ryan Lazanis, CPA, CA


What Is Future Firm Accelerate® And How Does It Work? 

Future Firm Accelerate® is an online coaching membership that helps you grow a modern, scalable accounting firm so you can work less and enjoy life more, using the proven 6-part “Future Firm Framework®” I used to scale and sell my accounting firm in just 5 years.

It walks you through the entire process of:

  • Designing a systematized firm that will support your dream lifestyle
  • Acquiring clients at the highest rates possible
  • And scaling the firm into a valuable asset others will want to buy

The Essential Plan includes access to:

  • The Future Firm® Playbook — the complete guide to scaling your firm quickly, including the training, templates, frameworks, and systems you’ll need to do it
  • Pre-Built Monthly Marketing Packs to grow your online presence, audience, and sales in less than 30 minutes per week
  • 24×7 access to the Future Firm Accelerate® Community Forum, so you can get feedback from other members on whatever challenge you’re going through
  • Coaching in the Future Firm Accelerate® Community Forum, so you can get my advice on your unique situation
  • Monthly LIVE “Ask Me Anything” calls where you can get my instant feedback on your unique situation
  • And a lot more! New features are constantly being added to help you scale and save time.

When Does The Program Start? 

Whenever you want it to. 🙂

Future Firm Accelerate® is a self-paced program, so you can go through the lessons, join the calls, and post in the forum whenever it’s convenient for you.

When Do I Get Access To The Program? 

As soon as you sign up you’ll have instant access.

How Can I Cancel?

You can cancel directly within your account whenever you want. No questions asked.

What If I Have No Time?

If you have no time, you’re likely the perfect candidate for Future Firm Accelerate®. Odds are, you’re busy because your firm doesn’t have systems in place to reduce your workload.

The program shows you how to systematize and standardize your business to decrease your workload and increase the amount of free time you have.

But beyond that — the community forum and the monthly AMA calls allow you to get quick feedback on whatever challenge you’re facing.

So even if you don’t have time to go through the course material, you can still post in the forum or join the AMA calls and get timely feedback from other members and me. 🙂

Asking your question — whether in the forum or on an AMA call — only takes a minute.

So no matter how busy you are, you can still get expert guidance with just a few minutes per week.

How Long Does It Take To Run Through?

This varies from person to person. It’s possible to breeze through all the content in a day, but others may want to take the time to actually think through the program and apply the material.

Which Plan Should I Start On?

I advise most people to start with the Essential Plan. Then, if you decide you want additional help, you can upgrade to the Plus Plan.

Does It Matter Where I’m Located?

Future Firm Accelerate® is an international program. It skews slightly to the North American market — but we have members on every continent… except Antarctica. 🙂

I’m Just Starting Out. Will This Program Work For Me?


There are many members in the program who are just starting their firm or close to starting their firm and who want to have the right plan and fundamentals in place in order to hit the ground running.

Is This Program Good For Non-CPAs, Solo Owners?


Future Firm Accelerate® works for CPAs, non-CPAs, solo owners, bookkeepers… anyone who offers accounting, tax, bookkeeping, or some version of those services and wants to scale their firm quickly.

What If I Don’t Want To Scale My Firm?

Scaling does NOT mean you need to become a massive operation…

It just means you want an “easy” business that runs like clockwork — regardless of your level of involvement.


Future Firm Accelerate® is for any firm owner who wants to scale back their hours, while still running a successful firm, so they can enjoy their dream lifestyle.

Click Below To Join 700+ Members In Future Firm Accelerate®


(Private Coaching Included)




(Group Coaching Only)